We have taken Non-Profit Management software to the next level, using Adage Source’s proprietary Design-a-Database product. This allows us to rapidly develop custom databases at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time of other management systems. Our newest products for non-profit organizations promise to be both value-driven and results-oriented. 

Adage Source offers a number of products from which to choose. Start with the foundation, then we’ll work with you to modify it and make it exclusively yours.

Non-Profit Management Systems

Advocates First
Adage Source’s rich history of working with CILs enables us to offer our industry-ready non-profit management system, Advocates First. Our business is serving those who serve others. Our approach is one that allows you to do your job with the confidence that we’re doing ours. With a few simple key strokes, you can create customized reports that meet any of your needs. Advocates First includes management modules for case management, goals and services, volunteers, events, donors and fundraising. It is specifically designed for the type of business a non-profit does every day.
We are always available to help analyze your data. We want you to be able to focus on your clients, and use the information you gain from your database to better serve your client base and get the funding you need. We are committed to easing the paperwork burden through smart, streamlined solutions. Our user-friendly management systems are meant to be in action any time of the day or night.
CILs First
CILs First is a management system created specifically for the Centers for Independent Living by Adage Source. We designed it with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. We customized it, studied user patterns and took their suggestions to make CILs First even better. It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It works.
All you need to get started is internet access. You can add to existing software tools or make CILs First your initial system. If you wish to add or expand, you can be confident that you can do it with Adage Source. CILs First starts by organizing your data into the categories of Consumers, Case Notes and Goals. Its other features include:
  • Calendars
  • Custom fields for any screen
  • Report writer
  • Documents for all records
  • CILs First allows you to personalize screens, create unlimited users and design reports that provide information you want to highlight. It gives you security, control and customization.
Aging Agencies First (AAs First)
Adage Source also offers software for Area Agencies For Aging. The management system helps to keep client information available quickly and easily. It includes referrals, report creation and outcomes – all available with the click of a button. AAs First can help your agency move from paper records to electronic records, and give you access to so much more information!
Brain Advocacy First (BA First)
Brain Advocacy First supports the daily work and data needs of the Brain Injury Advocacy Associations. From keeping detailed consumer file information to tracking financial eligibility, BA First is an electronic assistant that is quick and efficient. It will help you to transition seamlessly from paper records to electronic records.

Custom Management Systems

Want to create your own management system? 
We can do that.  All you need to do is: 
  • Visualize the reports or results you want to achieve;
  • Realize that it can be done at the touch of a button;
  • Customize for your own use.
Adage Source management systems are built on customization.  You have all the possibilities at your fingertips to:
  • Customize one of our pre-built databases to meet your needs
  • Use add-on modules to create just the right mix;
  • Build a brand new custom database just for you.
Experience the speed and value that sets Adage Source apart from the crowd.  Our shorter time frames result in better pricing options.  The value you gain is invaluable.


“The database is more than just a record of services, It’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

– Karen Michalski

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