Endependence Center Case Study

The Endependence Center has worked very closely with Adage Source since they have been in business providing a database-reporting platform for Centers for Independent Living. We have worked with several of their products as they have evolved and provided input into their design to meet the needs of Centers for Independent Living to be able to prepare the 704 report and other reports for funding sources.

We have beta tested several of their databases over the years and they have been very receptive to suggestions to make the product more useful and user friendly.

Customer service is very responsive and they are always willing to assist to resolve an issue or provide guidance on how to accomplish a specific need.

I have worked with CIL databases since 1984 and I have tested many other CIL databases for collecting data for our 704 report. While all of them can provide data for the 704 report, I have not found them to be versatile or easy to use or allow me to collect data for my other funding sources without the developer making changes to the product.

Cils First is the first and only database I have worked with where our CIL is in control of what data we want to collect. I have modified the screens, added and removed screens, and added fields to meet the needs of my various funding sources. Permissions can be set for staff to access only what they need to access. Besides the ability to customize the database, new features are continually being added. Rules have allowed me to make fields required so that staff does not have to remember what must be entered. The dashboard allows the user to see at a glance what services and goals the consumer has. The feature I like the most is the report feature that allows me to customize and develop reports that I need within a few minutes.


“The database is more than just a record of services, It’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

– Karen Michalski

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