Brain Injury Services Case Study

Client:  Brain Injury Services
Brain Injury Services is the pioneer in community-based services to those with acquired brain injuries.  The Fairfax County, VA, organization helps children and adults with brain injuries to build the skills and confidence necessary to lead productive lives.  It acts as a catalyst for solutions to the challenges these individuals face on a daily basis, by providing the most cost-effective services to the client and the community.   The organization’s services extend to Northern VA and Fredericksburg.

The Brain Injury Services Center had an outdated database system that was not web-based and was beginning to cause constraints that were unacceptable to the organization.  Executives knew a new system could become costly, but they still needed one that was web-based, flexible and self-maintained.  The state was moving to paperless records, and the organization needed to have the ability to update the system internally and to run reports on anything they wanted, in any configuration.

While conversing with another brain injury service provider, Chief Operating Officer Karen Luffred learned about Adage Source.  After researching the company and finding it listed in the Center for Independent Living Services programs as a trusted vendor, she called for a demonstration.  “We had a demonstration and we were sold,” Luffred said.

Adage Source worked with the Brain Injury Services center to create a personalized system, and it was up and running at the offices within a few months.  Luffred noted, “The system met all of our needs and different formats, and it has a ton of customizations.”

The new database system is used to track the Brain Injury Services intake process, its consumer profiles, case notes and financial information.  Users can scan in documents and create different report formats.  Luffred confirmed that the support and clarification from the company is excellent.  “They are very responsive, and will take you through a step-by-step process to be sure you understand the system.   They have the utmost patience in explaining the system.”

The database programs are endorsed by the state of Virginia for use in any state-funded brain injury programs.

Adage Source:
A family-owned and operated business, Adage Source is a software programming company specializing in flexible, personalized database solutions for not-for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Adage Source understands the multiple and varied requirements of funding sources at the non-profit level, and the company can help organizations obtain this data painlessly and quickly.  Solutions are client-based, proprietary and upgradable.  Their product and service is unmatched in the industry.  For more information, visit


“The database is more than just a record of services, It’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

– Karen Michalski

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