Blue Ridge Independent Living Center Case Study

Client:  Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
Located in Roanoke, VA, the Blue Ridge Independent Living Center assists individuals with disabilities to live independently.  The Center provides peer counseling, independent living skills training, advocacy and information and referral.  It strives to create an environment that is accessible to all.  Established in 1989, the Center is a private, non-profit community agency providing non-residential programs.  It relies on support from state and federal sources as well as donations from regional businesses and individuals.

The Blue Ridge Independent Living Center was going paperless with all of its records.  According to director Karen Michalski, the Center needed a flexible database to be able to generate information for its funding sources.  Because each source has a different requirement for its reporting process, it was extremely important that the Center be able to access a variety of data immediately and easily, without the constraints of a pre-formatted computer program.

Adage Source developed a customized database to address the Center’s specific needs for flexible funding criteria.  It met the needs for the various reports, but Adage Source didn’t stop there.  Its principals, Nathaniel and Aubrey Schwartz, made sure the database was future-ready, enabling the Center to modify the criteria for reports and create user-defined fields based on the requirements of the specific report.  They expanded the capabilities to encompass the national Centers for Independent Living.

“The database is more than just a record of services,” Michalski said.  “It’s the best database I’ve ever used.  It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything.  It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

The Adage Source customized database allows The Blue Ridge Center for Independent Living to access necessary data not only for reports to donors, but it also provides a resource module for local resources, community information, a state INR database, local resources and an information referral source.  It even allows the Center to inventory its office equipment.

“I can’t say enough about Adage Source.  They are only a phone call or e-mail away.  We get an immediate answer and Adage Source understands our needs,” Michalski said.

The project is ongoing, and allows the Center to meet the challenges of changing Federal government reporting criteria because they can customize the data within the database with a few simple key strokes.

Adage Source:
A family-owned and operated business, Adage Source is a software programming company specializing in flexible, personalized database solutions for not-for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Adage Source understands the multiple and varied requirements of funding sources at the non-profit level, and the company can help organizations obtain this data painlessly and quickly.  Solutions are client-based, proprietary and upgradable.  Their product and service is unmatched in the industry.  For more information, visit


“The database is more than just a record of services, It’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

– Karen Michalski

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