Our Work

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide data management applications to non-profit organizations.  We help you do your job better and offer the complete customer care that you deserve. 

Our non-profit service includes full reporting capabilities, periodic updates to the system and quick-access customer support, both in written form and in person – just a phone call away.  We focus on user-friendly programs and technical support that simplifies your work.

Report and Data Analysis

At Adage Source, we don’t just recommend and provide the best, most-flexible management systems for your needs.  We follow your progress.  We help you understand what the numbers mean and how you can use them to further your business.  Our report and data analysis skills are second to none.  Since we get to know your business, we get to know your expectations.  We strive to exceed them every step of the way.   There’s no sense in having a customized management system if you don’t know how to use the data it provides.

The Adage Source support team is always ready to help you.  When you call, we are there.  When you e-mail, we respond.  When you have a question, we have an answer.  We make sure you are getting the full use of your products and that you are seeing tangible results.  We analyze the numbers and give you ways to look at them.  We supply support staff in all sections of the company.   We help you to go from visualization to customization.

See What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying!


“Working with Adage Source has been wonderful from the start. The staff has always taken the time to understand our company’s needs and have worked to accommodate those needs.”

– Stephanie Brady

TEL: (301) 960 – 4893  |  TOLL FREE: (800) 308 – 4254