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We believe in organizations that help the community.
Our Mission:
Adage Source's missions is to support organizations that help people, using our software, consulting, expertise, and experience. Helping those who help others.
We know the hoops that non-profits have to jump through to support their people and communities. Way more than commercial businesses. They don't have time to wrestle with computers, technology, and extra organization.

Adage Source is committed to helping these organizations by providing easy to use sytems that meet their needs, and are designed around the work they do. Too many computer systems create extra work for their users, only do a small portion of what they need, and force centers to work around the software.

We have overcome those issues and are able to provide organizations with CRMs and data management, tracking, and reporting systems that can be shaped around their organization, even if you use our existing products. Our staff excels at working with clients to understand their human processes, and then we customize our software to simplify your workflow. We give you control and power without requiring you to know technology.
Where did we come from?
In 1976 during the Independent Living Movement, Benedict Schwartz helped establish Connecticut's first Independent Living Center. In 1982 he was hired by Cornell University to begin developing the second Independent Living Simulation along with ILRU of Houston Texas.

Benedict began Dayspring Software to develop programs that would help centers.

In 2005, Benedict retired, and the employees of Dayspring Software created Adage Source, Inc. to continue working with the CIL Clients.
How We Got Started
Adage Source took over the development of Independence Online, the latest CIL management software in a twenty year line of products from Dayspring Software.

Working with over 15 Centers for Independent Living and our three decades of experience, Independence Online was created. Independence Online was the first web based CIL Management Program that was COMPLETELY dedicated to CILs.

In 2012, we released an advanced database building platform of our own design, Design-a-Database. Design-a-Database allows us to rapidly develop custom databases at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

With our roots already in the Rehabilitative Services arena we built CILs First, the follow-up web-based CIL database, and have created new case management systems for Brain Injury centers and Aging centers. Since then we have worked with numerous businesses, centers, and individuals to create custom data software applications and case management systems tailored to them.
Meet Adage Source:
Nathaniel Schwartz, Lead Developer
Picture of Nathaniel Schwartz Nathaniel spent his childhood and young adult years traveling with his father to different Independent Living events and workshops throughout the country. He has over 20+ years experience working specifically in the Independent living field.

After years in the software design field, Nathaniel returned to the family business to assist with some new products.

Nathaniel developed software for CILs, charter schools, and other organizations requiring government reports and regulations. In 2005 Nathaniel's father decided to move to Africa to build children's orphanages. With lots of clients still dependent on their programs, Nathaniel took the existing CIL Management Software and founded Adage Source to ensure that CILs still had an organization to rely on in the computer arena.

Adage Source, Inc. acquired the development of Independence Online which Nathaniel was lead developer on at the time, and helped launch the FIRST web-based CIL management software.
Aubrey Lynn, Accounts & Billing Manager
Picture of Aubrey Aubrey has spent her career focusing on medical administration, patient advocacy, and client outreach. Past experience includes working with patients, insurance companies, billing procedures, providing a patient advocate when working with insurance companies, helping offices with scheduling conflicts as well as office and billing organization.

Aubrey did some temporary work for Adage Source in 2006 and joined us permanently in 2008. She works to help our clients feel welcome and get comfortable using our programs. She assists our users in understanding where to enter data within our programs, how to create reports, and how to utilize our many customization options.
Picture of Aubrey
Angela King, Accounts Manager
Angela has spent a majority of her career in the Financial Industry serving non-profit, business, and retail clients. Her past experience includes advising on complex financial decisions and providing solutions to financial needs. Angela volunteers her time to serve on committees with a local non profit to support education.
Daniel Bell, Administrative Operations
Daniel has over ten years computer consulting experience. He has the vision of providing expert business solutions at an exceptional value. His prior experience includes managing the IT departments of Oscar Gruss & Son, Inc. and Jefferies Group, Inc. Daniel's extensive technical consulting experience also includes work in the healthcare, government, entertainment, and architecture and design communities.
Benedict Schwartz, Retired, Founder of Dayspring Software
The roots of Adage Source, inc. go back to the Independent Living Movement, when Benedict Schwartz helped establish Connecticut's first Independent Living Center in 1976. In 1982 he was hired by Cornell University to begin developing the second Independent Living Simulation along with ILRU of Houston Texas. Benedict began Dayspring Software to develop programs that would help centers.

In 2005, Benedict retired and moved to Africa where he started, All Kids Can Learn International, a set of villages for orphans in Africa. Benedict currently resides in Africa. Upon his retirement, Adage Source was started by his previous developers to continue his work with CILs and other service organizations.
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